Automatic spiral mixer with lifter Mod.Unimix

The body of the mixer is made of steel, the central tool, spiral arm and protective grid and bowl are all in stainless steel. This type of mixer is suitable for bakeries and cake shops and allows for shorter working times to be obtained. The work cycle can be manual or automatic with 2 speeds, both having programmable timers. It is also possible to change the rotation of bowl during the automatic cycle. Belt drivers eliminate vibration and noise: this system gives a considerable saving in maintenance costs. The low voltage electrical system (24 volts) has an automatic protection system with a very simple control panel for use in automatic or manual mode. The mixer complies with the latest CE regulations.
The automatic mixer with lifter is used to tilt a compact spiral mixer while maintaining all the operating characteristics and solidity of the machine. Dough working time is thus reduced and emptying of the bowl is facilitated by means of the hydraulic tilting system.